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How Long Can A Baby Go Without Pooping?

 A healthy newborn baby poops once or twice a day. But if a newborn baby is not pooping then it can result in dyschezia or constipation or any other major issue.


For couples who have first-time become parents, this blog is for them.  The Married Couples will soon be bringing their child into the world for those it is very much complex to handle the baby, their eating habits, and most importantly their bowel movements. This complex journey must be traveled with ease and care.


Parents must regularly keep an eye on their baby’s bowel movement so that the baby’s health is maintained.


If your newborn is having a normal bowel movement like 3-4 times in a day, that means your baby is fit and fine. If in case your baby is having extreme straining while pooping then it seems your baby has a bad bowel movement and might be suffering from dyschezia.

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How long can a baby go without pooping?

Infants who are 8 weeks old often go 4-5 days without pooping. Many times breastfed babies can go 2 weeks without exertion as their mother hasn’t started giving solid food.


After 6-8 weeks the poop frequency of newborns tends to slow down with time, may it be a formula-fed baby or breast-fed. There is nothing to worry about as it is a normal and common thing. 


After 6-8 months of birth, there can be chances that your baby is pooping once or twice a week only. It totally depends upon the diet the baby is having.


Have a complete check on your baby’s pooping pattern as well as on their mood. If your baby eats properly and sleeps nicely then there is nothing to worry about. 4-5 days are fine for a baby not to poop but if you observe your baby is not pooping for a full week and there is bleeding after bowel movement then rushes to the pediatrician for consultation. But  If your baby is suffering from dyschezia then don’t panic as all infants face this when they come to the world. Dyschezia exists for a short period and as the baby grows the problems of dyschezia also get resolved. 


Children, being so very complex and yet cute at the same time, require so much special care and affection that it becomes a task in itself to look after them. Their pooping pattern is as important to be taken care of as their eating patterns, for these beautiful creatures don’t know a thing except breathing. Them being so different and unique in their very ways tells another story why their parents should be extra careful of their bowel movement patterns and should consult a pediatrician as soon as they observe any irregularity in their child’s pooping pattern, for their newborn baby is a special gift to the world!

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